Jessi Christian

Jessi Christian

Women’s Empowerment Coach

I am a certified life coach and women’s circle leader. I love supporting women in embracing their full potential, being more confident and loving their body.

My own journey of personal growth started with a burn-out. In 2015, I woke up one day and just couldn’t do anything anymore. I was too exhausted to shower, to go to the store, to cook. With the help of therapists, coaches and counselors, I was able to change my life completely and create a new authentic way of living.

I had to let go off other people’s expectations, perfectionism and limiting beliefs that were telling me that I wasn’t good enough. Nowadays, I know that who I am is more than enough and my light is shining in this world. That is why I love supporting other women in understanding their own worth, being compassionate with themselves and offering a heart-centered approach to growth.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can join one of my women’s circles every second Sunday of the month at Urban Wells. Or you can find out more on my website and book a connection call there. My connection call is for free for all new clients and we explore if we are a fit to co-create your authentic life.

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